Bigg Boss 9, Day 13 Recap: Mandana gets accolades, Kishwer and Suyyash get jeered!
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  • October 25, 2015
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It was the weekend episode and Salman Khan put everyone in spot… err rather awkward spot.

In the beginning, house-mates were asked to choose the most bogus contestant according to them. And the housemates didnt hesitate in admitting, who according to them was 'sabse nakli' <Read it here> 

While greeting the housemates, Salman suddenly mentioned that it was Vikas's Birthday and everyone was shocked!

Moving on,  Salman asked Mandana why was she called Nakli in a very candid way and Mandana confessed that it not her but Yuvika who was nakli. Salman then called Suyyash and Prince in the confession room and grilled them about the Zamindari task. 

Salman raised question on Suyyash claiming to be a fair player, who wouldnt resort to any chori to win a task, however on the other hand, he went and disclosed his team's secret strategy to Kishwer. The couple was quite embarrassed, but Kishwer kept defending.

Salman also congratulated Keith for understanding all the tasks well. As a token of appreciation, he got his suitcase back! Yey! Time to see the hottie in his best outfits.

Later, there was a poll as to whether Vikas and Yuvika were good captain and Kishwer and gang raised their hands. Just then Salman showed a clip of the messy kitchen and wastage of food that had happened  under their captaincy in the house, that out everyone to shame. 

Finally, Salman announced Mandana and Prince to be safe from this week's eviction. Let's see what happens in tonight's episode and who gets to go home this week. 
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