Bigg Boss 9, Day 11: Khoon paseena turned water when Bigg Boss announced the luxury budget.
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Let’s quickly sneak in the house of Bigg boss and try to catch what our favourite contestants are doing!

Few hours back, the next Luxury task was announced and the house and contenders looked all geared up for it.

After all the hard work, khoon paseene ki kamai and loot, housemates lost the luxury budget. I will tell you how! They won a total of 1300 points from Bigg boss for winning the luxury budget task. Besides, 1200 points were earned for the workers good effort. But the hell broke loose on their heads when Bigg Boss started deducting the points for the mistakes they all had committed.

Hence, the deductions for breaking the rules of the house went like this- 

1000 points were deducted for speaking in English

300 points were deducted for speaking and singing in Punjabi

100 points were deducted for Mandana had removed her mic,

300 points were deducted because Vikas and Yuvika being the captains of the house were not able to manage  and function the house properly.

100 points were deducted for Arvind for making his own rules in the game.

So finally,  Aman and kishwer got just 700 points and  could use the luxury budget as they had won the task. They choose besan, chat masala, coffee powder and Ajwian.

We always heard that hard work pays off but here the stupidity made them lose every drop of their sweat.  Tune in at 10.30 pm to see how the housemates react to this zulm.

Until then this is Bigg Boss Khabri signing off from the Bigg Boss house!

Bigg Boss Khabri!

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