Bigg Boss 9, Day 102: Housemates play a rapid fire round with RED FM RJ Malishka
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  • January 22, 2016
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One day left to go for the finale, and just thinking about who will win the grand prize is getting me all nervous. Every day we see the housemates wake up to a different dance number but today Bigg Boss decided to do things a little differently. He sent in the RED FM RJ Malishka to give a wake up to all the contestants. I bet they must have been surprised to hear a female voice in the house considering it’s always Bigg Boss who scared them awake. There were some who were still half asleep and others who were dilly dallying a little, when RED FM RJ Malishka stirred them awake from their slumber and played a round of rapid fire with them.

First question she asked was who according to them was the most ‘shana kauwa’ in the house. Any guesses? Even before, I could think of an answer to this Rishabh sprang forward and named Mandana. You should have seen Mandy’s face on hearing this. Shocked and irritated by this sudden jolt of excitement, Mandy decided to take Rishabh’s name for all the other questions asked thereafter. So, when the housemates were asked who was the most ‘matlabi’ or ‘vella’, Mandana took Rishabh’s name. Apart from Mandana, no one in the house echoed her feelings. While Mandana got the title of ‘matlabi’, ‘shana kauwa’, and the weakest person, Rochelle was given ‘aalsi’ and Rishabh was named ‘vela ‘. Prince, luckily didn’t not get any tags.

The day started on a great note and became even better when RED FM RJ Malishka tried flirting with Bigg Boss. If you are curious to find out what happened next, then you have to tune into tonight’s episode at 10:30PM.

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