Bigg Boss 9, Day 101: Rishabh flirts with Mandana
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  • January 21, 2016
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After so many weeks on the show, finally today I got to see Rishabh’s flirtatious side. I am sorry not the first time definitely but the second, after Yuvika of course. While Mandana and Rishabh were in the bathroom getting ready, Rishabh started to flirt with Mandy by singing the song ‘khud ko kya samajhti hai kitanaa akadati hai’ for her. Mandana who we all know isn’t that great with her Hindi thought he was making fun of her posture. ‘Akadati ho’! Lol! Rishabh very light heartedly replied back by saying yes indeed he was making fun of the way she walked as she had a very stiff posture. I feel really sorry for Mandy as she couldn’t get the joke and Rishabh whose efforts to woo Mandana went down the drain. Soon after the conversation, the two were seen teasing each other. While Mandana said she didn’t like his jokes, Rishabh replied by saying that it was her face he didn’t like. The entire bathroom conversation was too adorable and the best part of it all was Mandana was absolutely clueless about the hints that Rishabh was dropping. With just three days left to go to the finale, we can just wait and watch what their chemistry will unfold. Will Mandana get the hints or stay oblivious? Until then keep voting and stay tuned to Bigg Boss.

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