Bigg Boss 9, Day 101: Mandana and Prince’s argument gets too personal
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  • January 21, 2016
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What’s with the two of them? By the looks of how they have been behaving with each other lately, it seems like one of them is going to soon commit a murder. It is definitely the pressure of the finale that is getting to the both of them so much so that they can’t be together in the same room without pouncing at each other. Till yesterday, Prince looked pretty relaxed and was taking Mandana’s words too lightly but after today, things might turn a different way. While Prince was eating a bowlful of watermelon in the dining room, Mandana walked in and snatched it away from him and asked him to go and cut his own watermelon. Prince who was baffled by this action of Mandy pointed out to her all the times he had cooked food in the house and the time he served her food when she was really sick. Even after listening to all this, Mandana looked unscathed and took the argument to a whole new tangent. She dragged Yuvika, Nora and Kishwer into the argument and made fun of Prince over it. After all what Mandana said to Prince, it is humanly impossible for Prince not to react. Prince who didn’t take in her words too kindly retorted by saying that it was Mandana’s habit to kick people away one’s she is done using them. Ouch!!! The argument didn’t just end there, even after Rishabh came in and asked Mandana to stop behaving in such a rude manner, she said that it was up to her to decide what she wanted to do. With just three days left to go, the competition between two of the toughest contenders is getting really ugly. It could be due to insecurity or a new ploy to get maximum attention. Whatever it may be, by the way things look at present, things are definitely not going to be sorted out anytime soon. Well! While the two of them fight it out, I am going just sit back and relax and get a load of all the action. Do stay tuned, if you want to stay updated to all the gossip and happenings in the house.

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