Bigg Boss 9, Day 10: What happened when Keith complained about the captain Jodi to the housemates!
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The ‘Lagaan’ task has literally taken a toll on the Bigg Boss 9 contestants. Since the task was introduced, we have seen back to back fights between Keith-Mandana, Suyash-Kishwer and Vikas-Rochelle. It has definitely complicated the whole scenario between the housemates and affected a lot of their relations.

On day 10, Vikas and Yuvika were seen entering the kitchen to cook for everyone. As only one Jodi can enter an area at a time, the jodi gets to work. Meanwhile Keith was called into the confession room where Bigg Boss motivated him by saying that the ‘workers’ could win this task if they wanted to, but they had to stay together for the win.

While cooking, Vikas and Yuvika got a bit chatty and were seen talking about how a few contestants don’t work much. They can neither cook nor work and worst part of all of this is that they will giggle or laugh about it.

Keith, who was in the confession room, passed by and noticed this. He felt bad and after going out he began complaining to everyone else about how they were out in the sun working for coins and how Yuvika and Vikas were nicely chatting in the air-conditioned room, instead of cooking fast.

How did things turn out now? Will this give birth to groupism in the house? Or will there be a MAJOR fight again? 

Stay tuned to Bigg Boss 9 for more.

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