Bigg Boss 8 reaches halfway mark!: Synopsis, Day 53
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Day 53 in the Bigg Boss house brings with it a sense of achievement. Unknown to most contestants, half their journey in the Bigg Boss house is now complete. And, along with the end of the journey, some relationships in the Bigg Boss house are also nearing their end.


In the morning, the contestants take on their responsibility of cleaning the house and focus their energies on maintaining their friendships with those closest to them. Even as afternoon approaches, the contestants continue to converse with each other and clarify their stands on the activities that have transpired in the Bigg Boss house during the course of their stay. By afternoon, Bigg Boss introduced the first leg of the Judgement Day task wherein he gives captain Diandra the right to assign a punishment to a contestant that she believes that caused the most trouble in terms of house tasks and interpersonal interactions.


Later in the day, Bigg Boss introduces the second leg of the Judgment Day task as a part of which Diandra is given the authority to fulfil the wishes of any one contestant in the Bigg Boss house. Before the task could kick off, Diandra speaks to Puneet about Gautam’s behavior with her where he interferes with her tasks. However, Bigg Boss soon announces the start of the task and Diandra is forced to head to her designated seat without clarifying the entire situation with Puneet.


During the course of the Judgment Day task, Dimpy, Karishma, Pritam, Praneet, Sonali and Ali all requested for Puneet to be freed from jail. With so many contestants campaigning Puneet’s favour, Diandra seems to have little option but to accept this as the wish for the day resulting in Puneet’s release from the jail where he had been locked in as punishment for using force against Aarya. When Puneet enters the house, he receives a warm welcome from all the contestants as he now gets the opportunity to use all the luxuries of the Bigg Boss house once more.


However, this is not the end of the day, Gautam finds a friend in Upen and he engages in a long conversation with him about Gautam’s perception in the Bigg Boss house – at least amongst the contestants. Upen gives him some insights into this reality and asks him to calm down because the contestants are reacting against his aggression. Before the day comes to a close, Ali, Puneet, Dimpy and Gautam sit together to discuss Diandra, her captaincy and some of the decisions that she made during her role as the captain of the house.


Well, we only hope that now that the contestants’ journey in the Bigg Boss house is 50% done, they are able to dedicate more time on building friendships and showcasing their true personalities.


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