Bigg Boss 11: Vikas breaks down after hearing Hina’s comments on his dressing!
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  • December 21, 2017
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It all starts while Vikas is taking a stroll in the garden area wearing proper formals and Hina noticing it. Hina jokingly tells Vikas is well-dressed today, is it because he is going for an interview or to meet a girl! This irks Vikas to the core! He replies saying whatever the reason may be who is she to make a comment!





Vikas further asks Hina if he ever comments on her dressing, Hina says it was just a joke and he should have taken it lightly. She asks him to relax but Vikas gets too miffed with her by then. Vikas says it’s not right to comment on someone’s dressing. The matter escalates and Priyank gets involved it it too, this time taking Vikas’s side he says she should not extend this further and keep quiet.





Priyank talking to Hina in this manner makes the latter really angry and she asks Priyank to keep quiet and take care of his friend, Vikas. Arshi on the other side criticises Hina’s act too.





Vikas later breaks down saying everyone cannot be good looking and how can someone do this. Priyank who is present with Vikas tries pacifying him.





Vikas is later seen in a changed outfit.



Priyank also asks Luv to tell Hina not to come to him.



So many equations changing in the Bigg Boss house! What will be the future of all of this? Will Hina repent for whatever she said?


Stay tuned to know!

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