Bigg Boss 11: These terms are perfectly suited for the housemates! Don’t you agree?
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Bigg Boss season 11 has been a real roller-coaster ride so far! We have seen housemates’ emotional upheavals, ugly fights, betrayals, friendships, strategies and not to forget their personal tendencies we got aware of specifically!


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Talking about their nature, strengths and weaknesses we have somewhere understood their personalities.



After two and a half months gets over on the show we have found out different terms that suit these housemates the best!



Check them out below –



Priyank Sharma: The charmer – The girls were totally bowled over his good looks the moment Priyank came on stage on the day of the season’s launch! With his chiseled face and six pack abs, Priyank had a huge fan following since day one.  He was also evicted on the very first weekend due to a mistake in his game but came back after a couple of weeks. Priyank has faced tough times on the show and has been nominated several times, however the boy faced it all and survived in the house.





Hina Khan: The fashionista – Undeniably, Hina Khan is the best dressed housemate this season. Maintaining her popular celebrity status she has always remained well groomed and kept herself stylish! In fact the viewers have noticeably kept a track of what she wears every day. Not just that, Hina is also a go-getter and gives her best in every task. Way to go pretty girl!





Puneesh Sharma: The balancer – This housemate has never gone on extremes. He has depicted his different traits time and again but has also balanced out things or equations with others at the same time. Puneesh has grown over the weeks as a player and has been successful in impressing the audience.





Vikas Gupta: The strategist – Many have called him a ‘mastermind’ on the show but talking positive about this housemate we must say that Vikas has the knack of playing this game. He is sharp enough to understand and analyze the kind of moves he ought to take next! A good player is the one who can strategize well and then take action, Vikas just does that!





Arshi Khan: The upfront one – Well, Arshi certainly stands out from the crowd. She is bold, carefree and upfront. She does what she believes in is right and doesn’t bother much of what others think or feel. She is unique and never shies away to talk about her nature and ‘the moves’ that she uses to win a game.  She is confident and that makes her wonderful.





Luv Tyagi: The dark horse – He entered the Bigg Boss house as a padosi (neighbor), however slowly but steadily Luv found his space. Nobody believed that Luv could stay this long on the show but through his patience and performances week after week he made things possible for himself.  Luv entering the 12th week itself was a victory and Salman Khan mentioned about the same on those lines too. Isn’t that a trait of a dark horse?





Akash Anil Dadlani: The entertainer – This player has given unlimited entertainment to the audience from day 1! Be it his raps, sense of dressing or him snapping over things all of a sudden for no reason, these all have always given masala to the viewers. Akash has played a good game so far and definitely is a competition for many. His unique personality makes him likable to the audience.





Shilpa Shinde: The fearless one – She was quite popular before she entered Bigg Boss house because of the character she played on one of the shows, however she came once again in the limelight because of her fight on stage with Vikas Gupta due to the differences between the two  in the past. Amidst all of this there were times when Shilpa was cornered or felt left out in the Bigg Boss house, as others felt what she was doing with Vikas was wrong. But Shilpa remained strong, firm and fearless. Her tiffs with other housemates in the house also didn’t deter her from performing better.





Which housemate is your favorite this season?


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