Bigg Boss 11: The task, ‘Vikas City’ gets too challenging for Hina! Will she give up?
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  • January 12, 2018
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On its second day, the task called ‘Vikas City’ gets even more difficult as dictator Vikas targets at Hina this time.


Hina is asked to sacrifice her coffee that she has specially kept to gift her parents. Vikas asks her to pour the entire coffee in a bowl filled with water. Hina requests Vikas not to ask her to do this but Vikas remains adamant.





Eventually Hina chooses to play the game and does what she is asked to do. This doesn’t end here for Hina, Vikas then asks her to tell things about Shilpa that she doesn’t like.


The game gets serious after Hina is asked to destroy a bracelet.





Hina is heard muttering, asking Vikas not to target things with which she is emotionally attached.


A few moments later Hina loses her cool and shouts at Vikas telling him he has no sentiments after the latter asks her to destroy his own family picture by stamping on it.





Hina says Vikas is using this as a tactic to show that he is great and how bad others are.



Wouldn’t you want to know what more happens in the task?

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