Bigg Boss 11: The luxury budget task tonight will test the tolerance level of the housemates!
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  • October 17, 2017
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The luxury budget task for the week is called as Jo mudd udd gaya. We can definitely vouch for this one as being one of the most intriguing tasks of the season, as the housemates will be put through some real test of tolerance.




As per the task, the housemates would be divided into two teams, team Puneesh and team Vikas.  The garden area would be turned into a battle ground wherein one team will use different kinds of materials on the opposite team members as they keep their heads fixed without moving. The member who is unable to bear the torture and turns their back will be out of the game.





There will be number of instances when the patience level of the housemates will be seen going out of control!



Due to all of this, conflicts between the two teams are obviously anticipated.


There are a lot of nail-biting moments in tonight’s episode that will you a complete dose of entertainment.


Do not miss it for anything!


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