Bigg Boss 11: The Liliputs to torture the imprisoned demons during the luxury budget task.
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  • November 28, 2017
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It’s time for the luxury budget task this week and this one is called ‘Liliput aur Daanav’.





The Bigg Boss house will turn into a Liliput township wherein the four Liliputs will be – Luv, Hina, Akash and Arshi. Time and again one demon will be held captive and will be tortured by the Liliputs as he or she lies-down on the slanting bed in the garden area. The demon will have to bear the torment by the Liliputs. Once he or she is done with it can ring the bell present there and be out of the task.





The Liliputs, who in real are good friends in the Bigg Boss house will utilize this opportunity to trouble the opposition team and vent out personal grudge.





Especially Akash, who would keep threatening Puneesh that he would shave off his hair. Bandgi who will cry in pain after chilli powder gets sprinkled in her eyes. Good friend, Vikas would come to the rescue when the demons would be tortured like this.





But is that allowed? Who will eventually win this game?






Will this task act as a fuel to affect the troubled relations of the housemates even further?



Watch everything tonight and know.

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