Bigg Boss 11: Task becomes more important than friendship for Luv and Hina?
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  • January 3, 2018
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Nobody could have imagined how the equations would change in the Bigg Boss house all of a sudden.


With the current task happening in the Bigg Boss house, good friends since a long time, Luv and Hina get into such a fight that they totally overlook the bond they share as friends. The sad part is the competition in a task leads them to do so.





In order to win Ticket To Finale, both Hina and Luv get so involved in the task that they forget they are friends first. A normal arguments leads to a big fight!






Luv blames Hina how she was purposely trying to pull away the bag on his shoulders to which Hina responds saying that was her strategy to play the game. Hina also goes on to call Luv a darpok (the one who is scared). Luv shouts back saying it’s not him but her who is a darpok.



Is this an end to their friendship?


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