Bigg Boss 11: Shilpa expresses what hurt her more than Puneesh’s behavior during the task.
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During the museum task Shilpa and other housemates got into an argument with Puneesh and Luv. The incident happened after Luv and Puneesh were heard telling how they would flee away with the items present in the museum, against that Shilpa and other housemates spoke about money getting deducted from the 25 lakhs which is a part of prize money if that happens.





Later Shilpa and Puneesh both lost their cool and said things to each other which they shouldn’t have, especially because they both are good friends in the Bigg Boss house.



Later Puneesh apologized in front of Shilpa holding his ears to which Shilpa said she isn’t upset because of what happened during the task but because Puneesh and few other housemates brought the difference of being commoners and celebrities in the Bigg Boss house.





Shilpa said she never had such thoughts and that she never saw that difference between the two. As she said that tears trickled down her cheeks.



Know what more happens in the story tonight.





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