Bigg Boss 11: Reasons why we couldn’t have a better host than Salman Khan!
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A superstar with the most dynamic, charming and a pleasing personality, Salman Khan celebrates his birthday today and we send out our warmest wishes to him.  





An actor who is ruling our hearts with his charm hit the stardom at a very young age, due to his impeccable talent and hard work. Salman Khan has earned a lot of love of the audience not just because of his work but also for his generosity.



The actor who took over the Bigg Boss stage as host ever since the fourth season of the show made the fans go gaga over him even more! Since then we have been admiring our favorite host and can go on talking in his praise.



Could we have a better host than him? The answer is, no!



Here are the reasons why we say so –



Great on-screen presence – Salman Khan is one of the most successful and likable actors in the industry. He is blessed with good looks and has a great screen presence. When he comes on stage everything else comes to a standstill, we just want to hear him and nobody else. Don’t you agree?





Witty – He is quite witty and we all know it. There have been innumerable times when his quick responses have left us amazed!






Communication skills – Season after season we have noticed how he has been able to talk comfortably with all kinds of housemates, there has been no discomfort ever. He knows to handle the matters no matter how tense the situation is inside the Bigg Boss house.





Justified – He comes on the weekends as a breather for not just the housemates but the audience too! As everyone knows he speaks up for what was right and what was not. He gives justice to those who were right or true but still got overpowered by others and also gives lessons to others to improve and play better. He would appreciate and criticize the housemates at the same time depending upon their acts.





Unique andaaz Salman Khan never follows the crowd and everyone knows it! He talks, acts, reacts the way he is comfortable with and hence catches the attention every time. Yes, he is quite natural!





Dialogues – The actor has not only entertained us through his dialogues in movies. Anything new he comes up with becomes a super hit! Who could forget his welcome note on stage and the good-bye “Do whatever you want to do man, but don’t trouble your mother man!”





Connects with Janta – Could there be a better host who could connect so well with the audience? The moment anybody sees him on-screen gets a smile on his/her face, there is something surely magical about him!





You think you know something more about your favorite host? Then do mention in the comment box below!

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