Bigg Boss 11: Read everything about Vikas Gupta breaking down & the weekly luxury budget task tonight.
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There will be a twist in the story of Bigg Boss house tonight after the housemates turn against Vikas. Precisely, Hina and Puneesh will get into a scuffle with Vikas. Hina would be seen stating she regrets having supported Vikas last week.





The war of words would get so major that Vikas would break down feeling left out and nobody understanding him in the Bigg Boss house. Vikas would be alleged for many things. Shilpa would see herself on the winning side after she receives an indirect support from the housemates through this.






Also it’s a day for the weekly luxury budget task; the task introduced will be called ‘Raja Rani Ki Kahaani’ wherein Hiten Tejwani would play the Raja (king) and Shilpa Shinde and Arshi Khan the two Ranis (Queens). As per the task the housemates would be divided into two, supporting each queen respectively by forming a wall with the colored bricks, red for one team and blue for the other. One team would ensure the opposite team isn’t able to form the wall; they would do this by breaking the wall formed by the other team.





Will this task lead to another fight in the house? Why do the housemates feel angry on Vikas?






Know everything tonight on Bigg Boss 11.





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