Bigg Boss 11: Puneesh senses Vikas is being fake! Will Vikas’s mission fail?
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  • December 29, 2017
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The secret task for Vikas continues as Bigg Boss asks him to accuse someone for burglary and have maximum members in the house supporting him. Vikas tactfully decides to target Akash, puts his entire coffee in Akash’s box secretly.





Later traps Luv asking him to use his coffee that’s kept in his drawer. Luv says there’s nothing in Vikas’s drawer and then Vikas smartly involves Priyank in this too. He tells everyone that his coffee has been stolen. He creates a scene in a manner that housemates find his coffee in Akash’s drawer actually.





Later Priyank questions Akash asking why he did that, to which Akash says he would never ever do such an act, also that he keeps offering his own coffee to others and what would make him do that! Akash feels upset.





The next mission for Vikas is to throw someone’s three clothes in the swimming pool. He purposely tries having a fight with Puneesh and Priyank. Everybody finds Vikas’s behavior weird. Vikas finally shows how frustrated he is with Puneesh and Priyank and goes ahead throwing one of their clothes in the swimming pool.





Puneesh comes across to be smart enough, clearly says what Vikas is doing is fake and that it’s becoming obvious now!


Let's see if the housemates are able to earn their party or not!

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