Bigg Boss 11: Priyank and Hina try their best to provoke Vikas during the ‘BB Lab’ task!
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  • December 13, 2017
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Tonight it’s the turn for Priyank and his team to become the lab workers and the opposite team to become the robots during the luxury budget task.





It would get extremely challenging for Vikas to keep his calm as Priyank and Hina would target him by saying things that could make him extremely furious.






Vikas will get to hear things like, he is a real mastermind although but it’s not necessary that he would be right all the time. Hina says that it was her who got Priyank and him together after a fight and how he forgot that! She also says that Vikas’s friend himself told Shilpa sorry for the things he did to her, which clearly means he did those things to her. Hina added further saying that the only reason Vikas is with Shilpa currently because he feels scared. She questions Vikas that he always calls her the vamp of the house and that she provokes people to fight, asks him to answer who are those people whom she has provoked! She alleges that Vikas doesn’t know how to speak with ladies.





Priyank yells at Vikas saying how he dare question him on friendship and how to maintain them! He clarifies that whatever was between him and Benafsha wasn’t a drama as he thinks. Priyank also says that one shouldn’t make a comment if he isn’t sure about things and that he has no right to say that his relationships are fake with girls. Priyank declares that Vikas is not worth being called a brother.





This is just a gist; there are many things that Vikas listens to.


Will Vikas’s tolerance level go out of control? What’s more in store tonight?

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