Bigg Boss 11: Padosis to be introduced to the housemates tonight!
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  • October 9, 2017
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The next door neighbors in the Bigg Boss house have been immensely trained during the last week to act like one family in real as we all witnessed. We saw how Bigg Boss personally took care of it to ensure there are no goof ups when all four enter the main house.






Bigg Boss randomly kept asking vital questions from all four of them so that they are well prepared for any question that is thrown at them by the housemates with the common answers so that nobody is able to doubt on them. We even heard the padosis talking that Hina, Vikas and Hiten are the smartest ones and if they don’t remain vigilant during their stay, any of these three could know the truth. Hence they need to remain extra careful.


Tonight we will watch how Bigg Boss introduces the gharwaalez with their padosis who are familiar with the audience although but yet masked for them.





Housemates get extremely curious at this! What more Bigg Boss has to say to the housemates about their neighbors? And do you think the four neighbors will be able to keep themselves safe without getting caught by any of the gharwala?


To know everything tune in tonight!


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