Bigg Boss 11: I am a bad boy for life – Akash.
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  • December 18, 2017
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Tonight on Bigg Boss 11 we will watch how Bigg Boss appreciates both the teams’ performance in the last task. Then he proceeds saying that after completion of 12th week the housemates should be well aware of the Bigg Boss house rules, stating further he said how in the last week Akash kept breaking a house rule time and again.





Bigg Boss stated that Akash was caught sleeping several times and he did that purposely, and through this he not only disrespected the house rule but also the show as a whole.





Akash shrugged off saying everyone in the house slept and not just him, especially pointing out at Shilpa. Hina urged him to ask for at least an apology from Bigg Boss. The housemates also discussed how almost over 100 times they heard Kukdoo-koo (the wake up alarm) because of him but he paid no heed.





This whole episode doesn’t make Akash guilty in anyway, he goes ahead and cooks for himself whereas others try and make him understand that because of him they all will lose the luxury budget, but Akash doesn’t budge even a bit.





After trying their best the housemates discuss how Akash is doing all of this just for mere footage.


Akash stands alone and grins while saying ‘I am a bad boy for life.’


What will be Bigg Boss’s next action on this? Watch tonight!

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