Bigg Boss 11: Hiten gets really upset with Akash, read to know why!
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  • November 14, 2017
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Tonight on Bigg Boss 11 we will watch how Akash instigates Hiten saying the latter is just doing drama. As per Akash’s statements, Hiten is not what he shows. He laughs off behind people’s backs; basically he enjoys whatever happens in the Bigg Boss house being a silent spectator.





These words really upset Hiten, he starts off saying that during the last nominations when he put the photo frame in shredder was also a drama. Hiten says that him trying to save Akash is also a drama. His agitation is quite evident.





Hiten later pointing a finger at Akash warns him to never ever to talk about him like this. He says he will speak up whenever he has to. Akash mocked saying Hiten finally spoke. Akash asked him then why he doesn’t talk to others in this manner! To which Hiten says, whenever he feels so he will.





Arshi made a fun of Hiten talking this way to which Hiten said they have just heard him right now, and his tone clearly stated the future will decide what he can do if the circumstances provoke him.



Watch the full story tonight to know what makes Akash go against Hiten!

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