Bigg Boss 11: Hina held answerable to Vikas’s questions, stands in the witness box.
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  • November 22, 2017
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Tonight on Bigg Boss 11 it will be Vikas’s turn to question Hina on the various incidents that happened in the Bigg Boss house in the past. Hina will be seen standing in the witness box addressing the same.





Vikas’s major allegation on Hina would be of an incident wherein evicted contestant Zubair Khan badmouthed Arshi. Hina who was in good terms with Zubair, and was considered to be a strong personality neither came for Arshi’s support nor protested against Zubair when he was clearly wrong.






In her defense Hina says she never stayed mum at that point in time, rather she kept telling Zubair what he was doing was wrong. Arshi then raises an objection mentioning the dirty things Zubair mentioned and how Hina didn’t utter a word. Hina a little agitated by then says she did her best to discourage Zubair on this but she couldn’t do much after a point, she adds saying Zubair should be questioned for this and not her.






Who do you think is wrong this time? Whom will you support?



Watch the episode tonight to have more clarity on this.

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