Bigg Boss 11: Hina has issues with Luv and Priyank?
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  • December 4, 2017
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In the latest development in the Bigg Boss house it is known that Hina is now having problems with good friends, Luv and Priyank.



Tonight in the episode we will watch Priyank and Luv talking about Hina. The boys mention how Hina got upset because of them. Luv says that Hina was mentioning that they shouldn’t be talking something about her which might hamper her image as a celebrity on a national television, especially pointing at her good friends!





On the other hand, Priyank makes a point saying Hina is insecure about certain things and he believes in it. Priyank also insists Luv to talk to her and solve the matter as he isn’t talking to her currently. He also says he wouldn’t approach her first either. Luv in his response says that Hina isn’t even talking to him.



Both Luv and Priyank mutually decide they will talk to her when she feels like. The latter even states that in friendship there are ways how things can be communicated in case there are problems, and that Hina didn’t even do that at one of the instances.



Know about the whole matter by watching tonight’s episode. 

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