Bigg Boss 11: Hina believes something that is happening isn’t right, Shilpa retaliates!
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  • December 14, 2017
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In tonight’s episode we will get to see another argument between Shilpa and Hina.


Arshi would tell Hina that Shilpa doesn’t use purified water for cooking and this surprises Hina! Hina says it is because of this that everyone’s stomach is getting upset.  





Hina straightaway goes and questions Shilpa on this, the latter answers saying the water gets boiled while cooking so that would do no harm. Hina still sticking to her statement says that Shilpa should immediately stop using tap water and use purified one since she is in charge of the kitchen and needs to be careful about these things.





Shilpa a little irritated says if Hina has so many problems with her then she would stop working in the kitchen, in that case Arshi and Hina can take over the duties.





Whom will the housemates support in this? Do watch the episode tonight to know.

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