Bigg Boss 11: At last, Shilpa is doing the task! – Arshi Khan.
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The game has got really serious in the finale week. With this new twist of an opportunity to be able to have the Dhan Rashi (amount of money) on one’s name, the housemates go all out to give it all in the task.





To help you a little with the happenings of tonight’s episode, Shilpa’s picture comes first through the delivery box and this means that all the remaining housemates have to really act mean with her. Arshi calls each one individually to ask about the strategies they are planning to come up with to act mean. For example Puneesh tells Arshi that he would cut a heeled sandal and two slippers of Shilpa. Whereas Vikas says he would hide the medicine which helps Shilpa to have motions. Hina on the other hand feels since Shilpa cannot live without socks she could do something with them adding to that Arshi says that if she had been there she would throw her clothes in the swimming pool.







When Vikas’s turn comes Hina tells Arshi he is too fond of his bracelet and a family photo. Puneesh says he will spoil his Snoopy shoes with paint. Shilpa plans to take away his clothes.





As Shilpa proceeds towards his clothes Vikas requests not to touch his jackets and hoodies and she may take more T-shirts if she wants. Vikas keep on requesting the same. However Shilpa pays no heed and she purposely takes away his hoodie which was a gift by someone. Vikas still keeps pleading. Just then Arshi says ‘Last mein Shilpa task kar rahi hai’ (At last Shilpa is doing the task). Shilpa says she will destroy the hoodie first as she wants to prove herself more mean than Akash.










What will be the consequence of her actions? Will this go beyond the task?







Watch tonight!



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