Bigg Boss 11: Arshi feels insulted by the accusations on her, loses her cool.
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Bigg Boss house will turn into a court due the luxury budget task for this week. There would be two parties, and the two lawyers who would fight the case for their clients’ will be Vikas and Hina.





The case would be related to Arshi and Hiten, while Vikas would fight in favor of Arshi, Hina will do the same for Hiten.





The temperature in the Bigg Boss house will soar up as soon as the hearing in the court would begin. Priyank would be seen coming in the witness box and accuse Arshi on several things. He would even go on to say that Arshi keeps on flirting with him, basically has this thing in her nature. Opposition lawyer, Hina supporting Priyank would make a statement which would offend Arshi in a big way. Lawyer Vikas in favor of his sister, Arshi would reason out things she does and would say how he wouldn’t bear the wrong things told about her.





Later as the day would progress things would get worse, and within moments the housemates would be seen showing their grudges against each other.





Arshi would tell something about Hina which would make the latter literally angry saying how could she say things about her on a national television! Arshi in her response would say that firstly how she (Hina) could make an offensive statement about her  during the trial in the court to which Hina says it was just part of the task.





This agitates Arshi further and she says that when it comes to Hina she calls it to be part of a task and when it’s about others she raises an objection to things said about her!





Arshi and Priyank get into an ugly spat, wherein Arshi claims that Priyank doesn’t know to show respect to women. She says he apologizes every time and then does the same mistake.



Will this fight end here? What has Priyank to say in all of this?



Watch everything tonight.

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