Bigg Boss 11: Akash tries hard to provoke Vikas! Will he succeed?
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  • December 22, 2017
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Akash is going all out these days taking  panga from Vikas. Tonight the matter escalates while Vikas, Akash and Arshi are still in jail.





Akash starts off by saying that Vikas and Arshi are the fakest people in the Bigg Boss house. He goes on taunting the two making different statements for them one after another. Akash constantly keeps poking Vikas asking him to shed tears. He even makes fun saying Vikas tried to become a man in black but actually ended up becoming man in flop.





On the other side, Puneesh, Luv, Shilpa and Hina are heard discussing how Akash is at altogether different tangent  and he wouldn’t leave Vikas so easily.



Finally Vikas gets up lifts Akash’s jacket and throws it in the washroom. Akash runs behind with Akash’s jacket to do the same.





Eventually Vikas loses his cool and confronts Akash asking him to bring it on! One moment he even locks

The whole fight turns ugly. Do watch tonight to know what happens next!

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