Bigg Boss 11: Akash refuses to work!
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  • January 2, 2018
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Just after a day we entered into the New Year a recent happening in the Bigg Boss house created yet another tension.





Shilpa who was working in the kitchen told Vikas to ask Akash to do some house cleaning, Vikas replied saying that Akash answered back saying he isn’t in mood to work. Shilpa said this wouldn’t work; one has to do things even if he or she isn’t in a mood to. As everyone does that in the Bigg Boss house. Especially it being New Year’s Day the house shouldn’t be left dirty.





Later, Akash was heard saying he would clean the utensils in the night to which Hina replied saying he had to work at that moment and not in the night. The duo got into an argument where they said things to each other. As their fight continued, Shilpa also walked in and taunted why Akash’s mother asked them to take care of him.





Shilpa said his mother asked to take care of Akash because she knows of his weaknesses.



Want to know what happens further in this fight? Then stay tuned for tonight’s episode.

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