Bigg Boss 10: Swami Om gets a stern warning from Bigg Boss
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  • December 20, 2016
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The BB hostel task on Bigg Boss 10 may be a perfect pill of entertainment and nostalgia, but the Boy's Hostel Principal in the task- Swami Om goes beserk today during the task. 
The task involves the boyfriend-girlfriend jodis to write and protect the love letters that are received. Meanwhile, the principals are to be on a lookout that this doesn't happen and can take action to keep the jodis away and barricade the communication process. 
Swami Om tries to destroy the letters written by the boys, during this event, Rohan tried to protect his letters and runs into the washroom to keep it safe from Swami Om's reach. Swami Om tries to stop Rohan and gets aggressive. 

PIC 45


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While Rohan is in the washroom, Swami Om violently kicks the door and damages it. Seeing this horrific behaviour of Swami Om, Lopa warns him that if Rohan even gets a scratch the consequences won't be good. 


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Similarly, Bigg Boss reprimands Swami Om in front of all the housemates for this outrageous conduct and tells him this is no method of entertainment. 


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Looks like Swami Om is in a soup. How will principal Swami Om fix this mess? Watch tonight at 10.30pm Bigg Boss 10!

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