Bigg Boss 10: Luxury Budget Task- BB Hostel
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  • December 20, 2016
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Today the Luxury Budget task for the week gets announced. Looks like a bit of fun and flirting is on the cards with this task. The task is called BB hostel where the Bigg Boss house will be dived into two hostels, the girls hostel and the boys hostel.


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The four pairs of girlfriend-and-boyfriend in this task are-  Gaurav & Bani, Lopa & Rohan,  Manu & Mona and Manveer & Nitibha.

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While Priyanka will play the role of a strict warden and principal of the girls hostel. Swami Om will essay the role of the principal of the boys hostel.

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All the areas within the house, like the bedroom, store roo, luggage room, kitchen, living area will be the girls hostel and the garden area will be the boys hostel.
The task requires the boys to write loved filled messages to their girlfriends in this task and hand it over to them secretly. At the same time the girls have to keep these love notes from their boyfriends and place it in the respective lockers provided to them in the living area. While the pairs have to figure out this process goes smoothly and the wardens are unaware about it, at the same time the wardens have to make sure that there is strict distance between the pairs and no communication takes place between them.



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Looks like it is time to hit the nostalgia button with this feel of college romance in the luxury budget task. On that note of love- let's see how things pan out in this task and if at all any love story brims and blossoms in the BB Hostel. Tune in at 10.30pm!


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