Bigg Boss 10: Kitchen crisis between Rahul and Nitibha
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  • November 18, 2016
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Another feud is cooking in the Kitchen today. Bani is cooking food for herself as she is not well informed about the fact that the meal is already ready. Nitibha says that she didn't know Dal and Rice had been cooked and kept.


PIC 37


Rahul gets irked on hearing this and tells Nitibha how can she not be aware of the meal preparations. Nitibha says that since she was outside, she wasn't aware what's going on. She also points out that if Rahul saw Bani in the kitchen area preparing a meal for herself, he could have come and simply told her that the food had been made.


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Rahul gives it back to Nitibha saying that he is not here to cater to people individually and that Nitibha was absolutely aware that the Dal had been prepared. Rahul made his point very clear, that he doesn't like people talking behind his back or with any disrespect. 


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Tonight, a lot of spice is being served on the platter of Bigg Boss 10, tune at 10.30PM!

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