Bigg Boss 10: Housemates to choose Priyanka as a wildcard entry with least contribution to the show?
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Tonight, Bigg Boss asks the housemates to choose one wildcard contestant who has made the least contribution to the show according to them. After Elena’s eviction on Weekend ka Vaar, Priyanka, Jason and Sahil are the wildcard contestants in the Bigg Boss house.


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Most of the housemates take the name of Priyanka and each explains the reason. Priyanka, who is listening to the discussion, gets totally irked when Bani also takes her name.


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Bani and Priyanka had connected during the dome task and Priyanka is probably expecting Bani’s support. Bani bursts the bubble though, by saying that she loves Sahil and prefers Jason over Priyanka. This leads to a heated argument between the two. Priyanka is adamant about her belief that she has defeated Bani in the dome task while Bani is firm that she stepped out to give Priyanka another chance and she has come out clear in the nominations process.


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Finally, Priyanka furiously announces that ‘Aap logon ko naam mera hi lena hai har nominations mein, toh let’s play the game!’


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What will be Priyanka’s next move? Tune in to Bigg Boss 10, every Mon- Fri at 10.30PM and every Sat- Sun at 9PM for more drama!

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