Bigg Boss 10: Answering the panellists will be a task for the final four
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Tonight on Bigg Boss 10 the activity area will turn into a discussion place, wherein the super talented director-producer and choreographer, Farah Khan will come along with a special panel. Bigg Boss mentions that, manier times during the season the housemates did or faced something unfair while doing a task or during the activity. He also mentions how the housemates faced different situations during the tenure, and naturally if the journey was this long there have been certain marks too. Hence quite possible that one did not get the right moment to express why he/she took the action which might have hurt the other person. Keeping all these things in mind Bigg Boss organises this panel discussion.





Farah Khan goes on by saying, if the season should go on someone’s name, who would that be, a commoner or a celebrity?





The housemates are held responsible for various things that went wrong. Manu, Manveer, Bani and Lopamudra are clearly blamed on their acts such as being mean, selfish, aggressive and unfair at different instances during the season. These discussions come as an eye opener for the four finalists as before this they felt that everything that they did or said was right. For that matter every finalist has a record of good and bad they have done in the house, and the panel members bring exactly that into picture.





It’s going to be engrossing to watch when things start unfolding in front of everyone.





The most interesting bit would be to see the housemates having a complete makeover!





Watch everything that happens tonight at 9 PM ON Bigg Boss 10!


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