Big Twist in Uttaran: Meethi gets shot!
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Uttaran has not only taken a few generation leaps but has gone through many twists and turns as well. And the biggest turn will happen in the coming episodes when Meethi will get shot!


Meethi has had a series of bad luck starting from getting married to somebody who was only out to take revenge on her. Akash had posed as Vishnu and had lured Meethi into marriage. 


Her bad luck continued when she was tortured by her mother in law Ekadish. The physical torture stopped when she fled Aatishgarh but the mental torture continued when Akash in a bid to prove his innocence and love moved in the Thakur Haveli as a servant. She was torn between her love for Akash and her memories of the bad marriage. 


Meethi’s misfortunes didn’t end even after she divorced Akash and married Vishnu as she had fallen in love with Akash.  


Now that her husband Vishnu is getting engaged to Mukta, there seems to be a ray of hope for Akash and Meethi. 


While both Akash and Meethi are still vexed at what destiny beholds, here comes Agarth to make things worst for the duo.


Agarth gate crashes the engagement function of Mukta and Vishnu with an aim to kill Akash.  Agarth aims the shot at Akash. While Akash is unaware of what is happening behind his back, Meethi notices Agarth and proves her undying love by jumping in between and taking the bullet instead. 


While this is not the first instance in Uttaran when a bullet aimed for someone else has been barged by the other family member. Let’s take you to the Once Upon A Time era…When in an attempt to save Mukta’s life, Tapasya gets hit by a bullet fired by Tej Singh.


Mukta blamed herself for what happened to her mother, but will the same guilt engross Akash as well?


Though Tapasya survived the attack, but will Meethi be fortunate enough or will this mark the end of Akash and Meethi’s love saga?

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