Big Boss asks Housemates to rate themselves
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  • December 4, 2014
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In the evening, Big Boss announced another task to keep all the housemates hooked by telling them that they have come a long way in the show, which is quite commendable. Round of applause for all! And that’s because each one of them has particular trait which must have been liked by audience in making them so famous. Absolutely Big Boss! Hence, according to the task, each one had to choose a number between 1 to 10, which he or she feels suits thrm the best, based on one’s popularity amongst the audience. Very importantly, this rating was to be decided by collective opinion. There were number stands in the garden and one was to stand against the chosen number for him or her.


Do you think this was easy? Lots of inferiority and superiority complexes could be felt, I swear!  Guess what? Ali was chosen for no.1 position while Dimpy on the 10th postion as per popularity in the show. Puneet on 3rd whereas Praneet was 8th! Do you feel the positioning was correct? Where was Gautam in all this? Was everyone fine with the collective decision? Who looked upset? Also as a big surprise Big Boss declared that since Ali was the most liked housemate, he was eligible to be the captain once again! Oh my goodness!!

Do you think their collective opinion was right?


How would you know if they think alike until you tune in tonight?


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