Big Boss 9, Day 94: Rishabh tries flattery on Commander Imam, gets punished!
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  • January 14, 2016
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We all remember Imam from Bigg Boss season 6. This time he is back in the house to complete the training of the Bigg Boss contestants. 

The contestants will go through a boot camp headed by Commander Imam. Imam’s objective will be to make this task tough for the housemates whereas the housemates have to survive this boot camp at all costs. But they cannot disobey the orders of Imam at any point of time. Imam made it pretty clear that he also wasn’t in the mood for getting buttered up. 

During a drill where the contestants were looking directly at the sun, Imam asked the cadets that how long they wanted to stare at the sun. Rishabh, in all his confidence, shouted ‘Jab tak aap chahe Janaab!’ Imam told the rest of the cadets to face down and made Rishabh look at the sun for more time and told him to think before he spoke again. He told him ‘Ye chaaploosi mere saath nahi chlegi.’ 

This is just the beginning, folks. There is a lot more yet to come your way. So, buckle up!   

Bigg Boss Khabri.

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