Big Boss 9, Day 94: Punishments make survival difficult for the cadets!
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  • January 14, 2016
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It is really difficult to complete a cadet training. What’s even more difficult is facing punishment if you fail to accomplish your tasks or decline to do them at all. Similar scenes were observed in the Bigg Boss house.  
Commander Imam showed no kindness towards the housemates and made this camp their biggest challenge yet. With a range of difficult drills he made sure he grilled all of them constantly. One thing he did not stand was when the cadets back-talked to him and laughed. 
He showed that he was a tough commander and made them do severe punishments. He made some of the cadets stand on ice (and it’s January, I can only imagine..) for a long time and even made them eat red chilies at one point. Things are not gonna get any easier for these cadets.
Who faced the wrath of Commander Imam? Find out in the next episode!   
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