Big Boss 9, Day 94: Imam targets Priya!
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  • January 14, 2016
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We have all known Priya to be a rebel and to always take a stand for what she thinks is right. Even Commander Imam was not able to change her attitude. So, he decided to grill and punish her as much as he could. 

Priya repeatedly offended Imam and refused to do a lot of things he said and even argued on a lot of things. Imam, too, repeatedly punished her. He told Priya to take 50 dips in the pool after her repeated misconducts. Priya, outright, told him that she could not do 50 dips. Imam asked her that how many she can do. She told him her limit was 10. 

To this Imam asked her ‘Agar main 100 karne ko kahu toh?’ To which Priya very cunningly said ‘Toh main aapko mana kar dungi.’ Priya is never gonna back down from here. 

Will she quit the boot camp? How will Imam face this ‘gustakhi’? Find out on the next episode.

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