Bhoomi to be the family’s ‘Bahu rani’
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  • June 3, 2013
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Ever since she got married to Kishan, winning Ansu Baa's approval has been an uphill task for Bhoomi. Inspite of giving her best, she has faltered in tasks like the haveli puja and the Annapurna task. But Bhoomi has also aced a few tasks like the Lakshmi and the Aarogyadaayini task.

Bhoomi has managed to win only the grudging respect of Ansu Baa in all the tasks till now. But all that is set to change now, with Ansu Baa finally giving her wholehearted approval to Bhoomi! The last challenge that Ansu Baa had thrown at Bhoomi was the Kalyani task, in which Bhoomi had to do something beneficial for the Vaishnav family.

And Bhoomi, apart from doing the Akshaya Tritiya maha aayojan single handedly, will also play an important part in saving the mill from the clutches of Amrutlal. Not only did she record Hasmukh's confession, but she will also expose Amrutlal's conspiracy in front of the family and the mill workers, and make the reopening of the mill possible.

And Ansu Baa, overwhelmed by Bhoomi's love for the family and willingness to fight for it, will announce that Bhoomi has proved herself to be 'Kalyani' without a doubt. She will also give her full blessings to Kishan and Bhoomi's marriage, putting an end to weeks of anxiety. Needless to say, this will make Bhoomi, Kishan and his parents very happy.

But trust Ansu Baa not to do things halfway. When she opposed Bhoomi's presence, she did it wholeheartedly. And now, when Bhoomi has finally won her heart, Ansu Baa will also give her all the love she deserves. Not just that, Ansu Baa will also confer the title of 'Bahurani' on Bhoomi, which is quite a honour for the young bride!

As they say, All's well that ends well and it's indeed a happy ending for Bhoomi. We hope this peace in the Vaishnav family lasts for the all the time to come.

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