Bhoomi struggles with Ansu Baa’s challenge #Sanskaar Weekly Recap 12th-18th April
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The night before Bhoomi was to perform the haveli pooja, she couldn’t sleep as she was very sick and Kishan took care of her for the whole night. (Watch as Kishan cares for Bhoomi)

As the water heater was broken, Bhoomi washed her face and came to the yard where the family had gathered to watch Bhoomi draw water out of the well.Bhoomi, not being used to the rough rope or the pulley, failed in her initial attempts. But when Kishan tried to help her, Ansu Baa asked him not to interfere. (Watch Bhoomi’s struggles here)

But finally, Bhoomi used her presence of mind to fulfil the first part of the task, which left everyone impressed. 

Ansu Baa found that Bhoomi had not taken a bath before the pooja, so she ordered her to cleanse herself with the cold well water. Before Parul could protest, Bhoomi obeyed Ansu Baa, leaving her shocked! (Watch the scene here)

But all these efforts took a toll on Bhoomi as she fainted while trying to get out the sindoor stains, after which Parul and Kishan requested Ansu Baa to call off the task, but Bhoomi refused to give up. (Watch as Bhoomi obeys Ansu Baa)

As Bhoomi’s health worsened, Kishan nursed her back to health, and apologized for all the troubles that she had to go through. (Watch the tender moment here)

Just as Kishan and Parul were rejoicing Bhoomi getting better, Ansu Baa called her and ordered her to make khichda for the entire family for her third task, without anybody’s help.

After Parul showed her all the ingredients, Bhoomi struggled with making the khichda, with Ramila for company. Kishan called Ramila, pretending to be a distant relative and fooled her into giving Bhoomi the recipe for khichda, which Bhoomi followed. (Watch as Bhoomi tries her hand at cooking)

But when the time came for the family to eat it, Bhoomi had to face insults from Ansu Baa and Hasmukh as the khichda was uncooked. Ansu Baa pronounced Bhoomi as a failure, which made Bhoomi break down in tears. But Kishan consoled her, and the two made a second attempt at making the khichda to feed their hungry family. 

Will Bhoomi be able to gain Ansu Baa's acceptance with Kishan's help? Or will she have to make way for Bharti in Kishan's life? Wait and watch!


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