Bhoomi saves Bharti from suicide! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 19th- 25th April
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Kishan and Bhoomi made amends for Bhoomi’s khichda disaster and fed the whole family, which made most of the elders very happy. Kishan personally went to Ansu Baa’s room, where he justified his decision of marrying Bhoomi, after which Ansu Baa blessed him. Bharti saw this and assumed that Ansu Baa had given her nod to Bhoomi, and broke down in her room. Angered by this, Bharti’s father criticized Bhoomi for spoiling Bharti’s life, which left Bhoomi shocked. (Watch as Bhoomi comes to know Bharti’s secret)

Kishan too, found out about Ansu Baa’s promise and tried apologizing to Bharti, but by that time, Bharti was already walking towards the well to end her life. Bhoomi followed Bharti and tried talking her out of ending her life, but Bharti jumped in inspite of Bhoomi’s pleas. (Watch the scene here)

Bhoomi too, jumped after Bharti and saved her, but this heroic act went unnoticed as Hasmukh alleged that Bhoomi had pushed Bharti in. Kishan defended Bhoomi and Bhoomi’s innocence was proved as Bharti confirmed that Bhoomi was innocent. (Watch as Bhoomi is freed from Hasmukh’s allegations)

Bhoomi confessed that she thought Bharti was a better choice as Kishan’s wife, but Kishan dispelled her doubts by saying that she was perfect for him. (Watch the romantic moment here)

Ansu Baa checked on Bharti, where she assured her that she would be married to Kishan by the end of the agnipariksha, but Bharti wanted to leave the house. Kishan too, came and apologized to Bharti and made her understand that his marriage to Bharti would only be a compromise to fulfil Ansu Baa’s promise. (Watch as Kishan speaks his heart out to Bharti)

Ankit made his advances towards Bharti after Kishan left, but was thrashed by Bharti, and had to flee her room. Bharti found a mysterious letter that Ankit had dropped, which made her smile. 

The next day, Bhoomi impressed everyone by singing the Krishna stuti to wake Kishan up. (Watch the moment here) As Bharti and her father prepared to leave, Ketki fell at Kishan’s feet and begged him to forgive her. 

With Bharti moving out of the Vaishnav house, will things be easier for Bhoomi? Or will Ansu Baa’s challenges still get the better of her? 

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