Bhoomi rises to Ansu Baa’s challenge! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 5th -11th April
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The week started badly for Bhoomi as she was challenged by Ansu Baa to sing the Krishna Stuti in the morning. Despite Kishan and Parul’s protest, Ansu Baa asked her to rise to the challenge or accept defeat. (Watch as Ansu Baa challenges Bhoomi)

As Bhoomi was praying for divine intervention, she sang the Krishna Stuti as she remembered her Nani singing it, but could sing only half of it. (Watch Bhoomi’s efforts here)

Even though Kishan completed the Krishna stuti for her, Ansu Baa declared her as failed and made Bharti do the puja, making Kishan suspicious.

After the puja, Bhoomi complimented Bharti, but Bharti left without answering as she was growing increasingly restless about Kishan’s wedding. (Watch Bharti’s anxiety here)

A determined Bhoomi called Nani and learnt the Krishna stuti from her, which made Kishan and Parul very happy. Kishan was still suspicious about the things being hidden from him, but Parul convinced him that he would know them when the time came. 

Kishan was very excited about giving the money for the mill to Ansu Baa, but Hasmukh instigated Ansu Baa not to take Kishan’s money as he had broken their trust. But Kishan found a way to convince Ansu Baa with a little help from Lord Krishna. (Watch the miracle as Kishan convinces Ansu Baa)

Bhoomi was increasingly worried about Bharti’s behaviour as Bharti snuck around their room but didn’t speak to either Bhoomi or Kishan, and she expressed this suspicion in front of Kishan. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi speak about Bharti)

On the other hand, Ansu Baa declared that Bhoomi was to perform the haveli Pooja the next day, which worried Parul as it involved a lot of cleaning and rituals. But despite her ill-health, Bhoomi agreed to do the pooja, after which Ramila and Lily took her through the procedure. (Watch as Bhoomi learns the traditions)

Just as the family was making plans about the new mill, Amrutlal shocked Hasmukh by coming to the house and warning him not to let the mill be re-built. Ketki overheard the conversation and joined hands with Hasmukh to make Bhoomi’s tasks more difficult. On the other hand, Kishan asked Bhoomi to back out from the challenge because she was unwell but Bhoomi was determined to complete the challenge. (Watch Kishan and Bhoomi’s conversation here)

With Ansu Baa, Ketki and Hasmukh pitted against her, will Bhoomi manage to impress Ansu Baa? Or will she fail to make a place in the family’s heart?


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