Bhoomi goes missing! Sanskaar Recap 12th-18th July
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The fact that Ankit went hungry because of Bhoomi was made into an issue by Ramila and Hasmukh, who taunted Bhoomi, Kishan and Parul about sidelining their son deliberately. Kishan wanted to feed Ankit but the family couldn’t find him. Meanwhile, Ankit was in Bharti’s room, listening to her plan, and when he refused to comply, she started throwing things around and pretending as if Ankit was molesting her. (Watch the scene here)

The family was shocked to see Ankit and Bharti in a compromising position, but before Ankit could be punished by Kishan, Bharti told everyone that he had saved her from an insect, after which Kishan and Ankit patched up.

Bharti then got Ankit to agree to her plans by promising to make him a rich man. Ansu Baa and the other ladies were busy preparing for the MD selection ceremony the next day, and Ansu Baa wanted Bhoomi to look after everything as she was lucky for the family. 

Bharti tied a string between the stairs so that Bhoomi would trip and fall in the morning, but Ansu Baa was her victim as she tripped on the stairs on the way to meet Bhoomi. (Watch the scene here)

The family was in panic mode as Ansu Baa collapsed, but Ansu Baa refused to delay the function and asked the family to go ahead, and Bhoomi decided to stay back.

During the ceremony, Karsan surprised everyone by asking Dilip and Ketki to sit for the puja, increasing Hasmukh’s hopes of his son becoming the MD. And the family was in for a double surprise when Karsan also named Dilip his successor. (Watch the scene here)

But Dilip declared that he was unfit for the post and asked Kishan to take the position, as he knew the latest fashions and had helped restart the mill after it was burned down. Kishan hesitated but when Karsan supported Dilip, he agreed to become the MD. (Watch the scene here)

Ankit, instigated by Bharti, objected to Kishan being named the MD, and created a scene about him not being considered for the post. He screamed and ranted about being ignored even after being a Vaishnav, while Dilip and Kishan tried to calm him down. (Click here to watch Ankit’s rant)

After saying that he would snatch his rights, he tried to sit on the MD chair but the chair broke and Ankit fell down. Ansu Baa witnessed all of this as she came to the office feeling that something bad was about to happen. She expressed her disappointment about Ankit’s selfish behaviour, and told him that the MD chair would reject anyone who was not worthy of the position. (Watch the scene here)

To prove Ankit’s lack of potential, she quizzed him about the various materials in the room, the machinery required to operate the mill, and the accounts of the business. Bharti was upset and Ankit was left shame faced as he knew nothing about the business. (Watch Ankit’s humiliation here)

Kishan readily answered all the questions, and Ansu Baa was proved right about Ankit not being capable of being the MD, and she made Ankit realize that he could not expect to be MD just because he was a Vaishnav. When she asked Kishan and Dilip their opinion about the MD position, they both thought the other was more deserving. Ansu Baa gave their example to Ankit, and decided that the chair would be empty till a suitable candidate was decided. 

Ansu Baa and Bhoomi both thought that someone was instigating Ankit against the family. Bhoomi told Kishan that Bharti could be behind the problems in the house, and Bharti decided to do something about Bhoomi’s suspicions. (Watch the scene here)

Ankit was yelled at by Bharti for the failure of their plan, and finally he had to agree to her plan of separating Kishan and Dilip and making the brothers fight amongst themselves. (Watch as Bharti and Ankit join hands)

Later that night, someone knocked the door and when Bhoomi answered, she was taken away silently. The next day, Kishan started looking for Bhoomi as he couldn’t find her. The whole family started looking for her as she was nowhere to be found. (Watch as the family worries about Bhoomi)

Bharti found Bhoomi’s phone and hid it in her cupboard, making Ankit suspect that Bharti had something to do with her disappearance. But when Bharti refused that she had kidnapped Bhoomi, Ankit was truly puzzled. 

With Bharti succeeding in her plan of influencing Ankit, will the duo manage to tear the family apart? 

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