Bhoomi gets a new object of affection in Sanskaar!
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  • February 25, 2013
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In the show Sanskaar, Bhoomi has gone from looking down at India and Indians, to falling in love with the very Indian Kishan. While she is yet to confess her love for him, she has broached the topic of marriage in front of him, only to gauge his feelings for her. But before Kishan can respond to Bhoomi's feelings, there will be a new man in Bhoomi's life!

Sanskaar will see the entry of a new guy, Rammy, and here's the lowdown on him. He is 26 years old, handsome, arrogant, a self-centred NRI billionaire settled in the USA for years. His original name is Ramniklal Dholakia and is Bhoomi’s childhood friend. But now he wants to take their relationship to another level, by marrying Bhoomi. And the trouble is, once he sets eyes on something, he does everything in his power to get it.

With Gayatri (Bhoomi's mother) promising Nani that she'll get Bhoomi married to an Indian, chances are high that Rammy will be the strongest suitor for Bhoomi with his Indian roots, power and status.

On the other hand, Kishan is still struggling to arrange money for setting up his grandfather's mill back in Gujarat. So it seems like an ill-matched battle for Bhoomi's heart between Kishan and Rammy. But with Bhoomi already being in love with Kishan, it'll be an uphill task for Rammy to win Bhoomi's favour. To see if this seemingly perfect guy is up for it, you'll have to watch Sanskaar!


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