Bhoomi gets a last chance by Ansu Baa! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 26th April-2nd May
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After Ketki fell at Kishan’s feet, he forgave her and even requested Ansu Baa to forgive her. Bharti too, asked Ansu Baa to forgive Ketki as a parting gift to her, and left Vaishnav house. (Watch as Bharti bids farewell to the family)

Bhoomi got the idea of dressing up for Kishan, and she surprised Kishan by decorating the room with candles. Kishan loved the surprise and the two shared a romantic moment. (Watch Kishan and Bhoomi’s romance here)

But Bhoomi crashed into the bed when she saw a cockroach, which broke the bed. Kishan and Bhoomi were left red-faced with the prospect of the broken bed being discovered as Lily and Parul came to investigate, but Dilip handled the situation. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi hide the truth)

Later, Ansu Baa gave Bhoomi her next task, which was to manage the expenses of the family for 1 day in Rs. 300, but later increased the amount to Rs. 500 when Kishan argued with her. She also warned Bhoomi that if she failed the task, she would have to leave Kishan. 

Bhoomi was tensed about the task, but Kishan helped her make the budget for the day, which would help her succeed in the task. (Watch as Kishan cheers Bhoomi up)

The next day, Ketki tried her best to make Bhoomi overshoot her budget by racking up unnecessary expenses, and even instigated Avni to force Kishan to buy a new mobile charger. But Kishan managed the situation and saved Bhoomi’s money. 

But Ketki managed to get Bhoomi yelled at by Ansu Baa, when Bhoomi requested Ketki not to prepare an expensive meal that would stretch her budget. (Watch as Bhoomi gets a lashing from Ansu Baa)

Kishan cheered her up and they left for the market, but Bhoomi saw Hasmukh talking to Amrutlal on the way, and was intrigued. 

Ansu Baa disapproved of Kishan going to the market with Bhoomi, but Parul reminded her that Ansu Baa had made Karsan do the same when he was newly married. Bhoomi was stunned to see the open air vegetable market, but Kishan guided her and together, they managed to buy all the items on their list and save Rs. 150. Impressed by Kishan’s bargaining, Bhoomi hugged Kishan, which scandalized the villagers. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi have fun at the market)

Back home, Ketki damaged the tap in the courtyard and called the plumber to dent Bhoomi’s budget, but Kishan insisted that he would try to repair the tap. While trying to fix the problem, Kishan and Bhoomi had a romantic moment, which made them forget their problems. (Watch the romantic moment here)

With Ketki and Hasmukh against her, will Bhoomi manage to complete Ansu Baa’s task?

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