Bhoomi becomes Ansu Baa’s Bahurani! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 31st May- 6th June
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Hasmukh returned after getting the original papers from Amritlal, but told Kishan that he had failed to get the sting operation video as his phone fell in the water. Kishan left to meet his lawyer friend to get the stay order lifted after asking Bhoomi to take care of the home front.

On the day of the puja, the whole family prayed for the successful opening of the mill. Ansu Baa was confident that Kishan would not let her dreams collapse. (Watch as the hopeful family prays for the mill)

When they reached the mill, the labourers initially congratulated Ansu Baa on re-starting the mill, but later got a little restless as the puja hadn’t started on the mahurat. Ansu Baa asked everyone to have patience and told everyone that it was because of Kishan that the mill was starting again. Unconvinced, the workers started to leave, but Bhoomi stalled them by singing the aarti, and the plan worked as Kishan came with the good news that they stay order had been lifted. (Watch as Kishan is successful in his plan)

Ansu Baa and the family were very happy and tried to unlock the mill gates, but were stopped by Amritlal who demanded to know how they could open the mill when it belonged to him. Kishan retorted that they had the original papers so they had every right to start their own mill, which left Amritlal shocked. (Watch as Amritlal is stunned)

Amritlal caught hold of Hasmukh, and told everyone how he had taken Rs. 25 lakhs from him and given him the original papers. Kishan stopped Amritlal from hitting Hasmukh, and accused him of setting fire to the mill, leaving everyone reeling. Just as Amritlal was mocking Kishan about not having any proof, Bhoomi played his confession video, exposing Amritlal’s deeds once and for all. (Watch as Bhoomi exposes Amritlal)

Not one to be defeated, Amritlal tried to shoot Hasmukh, but Hasmukh was saved by Bhoomi and Kishan’s presence of mind, and Amritlal was arrested by the police.

Just as Bhoomi was telling Bhoomi how she recovered the confession video, she was called ‘Bahurani’ by Ansu Baa. Bhoomi was surprised by this sudden change of heart, but Ansu Baa explained that she deserved this title after all the good that she had done for the family. (Watch as Ansu Baa finally blesses Bhoomi)

Ansu Baa wanted to disown Hasmukh for his betrayal, but he spun a tale about Ramila being terminally sick and him wanting Rs. 25 lakhs to save her life, and finally got forgiveness from Ansu Baa.

Ansu Baa asked Kishan and Bhoomi to enter the mill first, and the family restarted the mill, but she ordered Hasmukh to stay out of the mill’s finances. 

When the family came back home, Ansu Baa pleasantly surprised the family by making Bhoomi stop at the door and made her do the ‘grihapravesh’ rituals all over again, accepting her as a true Vaishnav bahu. (Watch as Bhoomi gets her rights)

Hasmukh’s lies about Ramila’s health came back to haunt him as Ramila asked him about her reports, and even Karsan enquired about her health. Kishan and Bhoomi, on the other hand, were very happy that Ansu Baa accepted their marriage, and Kishan said they could truly live as man and wife now. 

Ansu Baa gave Bhoomi the highest honour by declaring that she would eat only when Bhoomi served her, leading to Ketki cribbing about being given a step-motherly treatment. Hearing this, Ansu Baa explained why she gave Bhoomi all the tests, and that she was very happy that Bhoomi had proved herself and become the Bahurani of the family. (Watch as Ansu Baa praises Bhoomi)

With Bhoomi finally gaining acceptance within the family, are happy times ahead for her? Or will she have to face new challenges?

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