Bhoomi angers Kishan with her ‘favour’! Sanskaar Weekly Recap 14th-20th June
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After the electricity in the mill was cut off, the family was tensed about completing the order as there would be no power in the mill for 72 hours. Ketki and Hasmukh wanted them to give up, but Bhoomi suggested that they get the machines and workers to their home and complete the work. (Watch as Ansubaa agrees to Bhoomi’s suggestion)

When Kishan and Karsan requested the workers to work from Vaishnav house, they were pleasantly surprised when most of their workers turned up to work. 

The ladies started serving the workers but Ketki thought that Bhoomi would walk away with all the credit inspite of her cooking for the workers. She was pleasantly shocked when Bhoomi thanked Ketki in front of all the workers. (Watch Bhoomi praise Ketki)

After a hard night’s work, the workers fell asleep and the family was tense as the order wasn’t completed yet. But Paddy turned up and sang and danced with Ansu baa, which put the workers in a great mood to continue their work. (Watch as Paddy weaves his magic)

After the order was completed and packed, one of the workers placed some rats in the godown, which damaged the shirts. Bhoomi had a bad feeling about the order so she went with Kishan to check the consignment. They were shocked to see that rats had damaged 200 of the shirts. While the rest of the family was in despair, Bhoomi thought of a solution to repair the shirts and patched one of the shirts with a bandhani patch. The family agreed to rescue the rest of the shirts in the same manner, to make a new traditional pattern for the international market. (Watch as the whole family works to complete the order)

Paddy was very happy on receiving the order, and thanked Bhoomi for introducing him to her wonderful family, and bid a tearful farewell to his ‘Dholu’. (Watch as the Vaishnavs bid Paddy goodbye)

The mill got a lot of orders based on the completion of Paddy’s contract, and Ansu Baa decided to gift something to Bhoomi for her resourcefulness. Kishan and Bhoomi surprised the family with their humble request of eating their favourite corn dishes. (Watch as Ansu Baa praises Bhoomi)

While Kishan was happily telling his friend about getting Paddy’s order on his own merit, Bhoomi was in a dilemma about how to tell Kishan about her conversation with Paddy about the order. The family was having a great time during their cook out, when Ansu Baa expressed a desire to talk to Bhoomi’s Nani. But during the video call, Nani inadvertently blurted about Paddy’s order being a favour to Bhoomi, which angered Kishan.

Bhoomi tried to pacify Kishan, but Kishan blew her off, saying that she had hurt his self esteem, and left for Rajkot. (Watch as Kishan and Bhoomi have their first fight)

A distraught Bhoomi broke down in front of Parul, who consoled her and asked her to call Kishan to sort out their differences. Bhoomi listened to her, but was even more depressed when Kishan cancelled her call.

Will this rift bring more differences to Bhoomi and Kishan’s relationship? Or will the couple tide over this phase with their family’s help?

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