Bhoomi and Kishan feel the first stirrings of love: Sanskaar Weekly Recap-15th-21st Feb
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In the week that was, we saw Kishan and Bhoomi coming closer despite all of Gayatri’s efforts to the contrary. 

Gayatri was furious when Nani spoke of getting Bhoomi married to an Indian. Gayatri reminded her mother about the heartbreak she faced because of her Indian husband and asserted that Bhoomi would never marry an Indian. Bhoomi was very disturbed to see this fight, but Kishan not only consoled her, but managed to cheer her up as well

Back in Keshavgarh, Ankit came home from jail and went right back to his antics by trying to molest Bharti repeatedly, and getting slapped by Bharti when she had had enough. Hasmukh added to Kishan’s tension by asking for Rs. 8 lakhs immediately, for Bharti’s wedding expenses. Kishan was initially clueless about arranging for such a huge amount, but found a way when Gayatri gave him a very important assignment, which could earn him 30,000 dollars if he successfully completed it. 

Kishan was busy making designs for his assignment, when Bhoomi came to help him. The duo got a little too close for comfort, but Bhoomi walked off in a jealous huff when Kishan praised Bharti after seeing her bridal pictures

The next day, Gayatri warned Kishan that he would lose his job if he failed at completing his assignment, and Kishan assured her that everything would be done on time. But during the bridal photo shoot at the end of the project, Kishan’s Indian model backed out, which forced Kishan to request Bhoomi to model for his bridal collection. After some convincing, Bhoomi stepped in as model, on the promise that Kishan would treat her after the photo shoot. 

Gayatri was not too pleased with Kishan for using Bhoomi as a model, but Kishan asked her to look at the pictures before firing him. With all the work done, Kishan and Bhoomi headed to a club, where Bhoomi’s friends complimented her on her bridal outfit, which she had to wear as her clothes were misplaced. 

Bhoomi’s friends were not too kind towards Kishan, and they taunted him about not being able to dance as he was an Indian. Kishan not only proved them wrong by shaking a leg on the dance floor, but also floored Bhoomi with a romantic dance

Kishan and Bhoomi are now walking the thin line between friendship and love, and the next week promises to make the picture clearer, for us, and for the two lovebirds. 

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