Bharadwaj family to be homeless soon!
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  • January 30, 2013
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Yes you heard that right. If you thought that Khushi signing the property papers meant the end of troubles for the Bharadwaj family, unfortunately you’re wrong. Their troubles will double when Veeru decides that he doesn’t want them crowding his house.

Let’s back up a bit. Veeru tricked Khushi into signing the property papers after falling in love with Roli. And after succeeding in getting her signature, Veeru is planning to throw Khushi out of the house so that he can live happily ever after with Roli as he had imagined. But the surprise will be that this happily ever after doesn’t include the Bharadwaj family, and hence, they will be ordered out of the house.

Roli has already managed to convince Veeru that she doesn’t care for her family at all. And based on this assurance, Veeru has backstabbed Khushi to become the owner of the entire Bharadwaj property.

But all this wealth will go to Veeru’s head as he will want to get rid of Bharadwaj family soon. He has already expressed a wish to live openly with Roli in the Bharadwaj house. Looks like Veeru will put these thoughts into action soon as he’ll ask the family to pack their belongings and leave ‘his’ house.

Now it remains to be seen if Veeru manages to make Roli stay in the house with him or not. In either case, Roli will be caught between love for her family and her efforts to bring back their wealth. Let’s wait and watch to see what she does! 


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