Best of Week 4 on Bigg Boss 10
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Week 4 sprang into the lives of Bigg Boss contestants with a lot for them to tackle over the week. Though the spree of arguments continued, here are the major twists that took place during week 4…




Swami Om in secret room
Last Sunday, during the eviction process, Salman called out Swami Om's name.  Bigg Boss housemates were pretty upset on hearing this news. But no one was aware of Bigg Boss's plan to keep Swami Om in a secret room, where he could keep an eye on all the happenings in the house.


Immunity Medallion
Bigg Boss introduced his ace move called as the Immunity Medallion. The contestants in the house had to bid for the immunity medallion and the one with the highest bid would get the medallion. Also the bid amount would be deducted from the prize money. Nitibha Kaul won this task.   
 Nomination task with a twist 
This week the nomination process was much different than the usual. The task was tweaked in such a way that it aimed to put all the friendships within the Bigg Boss house on a pressure test. Goes without saying, we saw arguments springing up.

Bigg Boss wipes out the line between Celebrities and Indiawale
This week saw Bigg Boss call it quits on both the teams and declare them as Gharwale. Both Celebrites and Indiawale will now see an equal status in the house.

Luxury budget task ka anokha style
The luxury budget points of this week were reduced from 2400 points to 1400 points on account of Bigg Boss housemates constantly breaking the rules. Not paying heed to the warnings led them to trouble. Also, the unique offer to bring back Swami Om by using those 1400 points was not accepted by the housemates.    
Return of Swami Om
Swami Om is back in the house with bang. The uniquely entertaining contestant who had been keeping a close eye on everyone from the secret room, returned in full form and even said that he will be staying till the finals. 

First captaincy task
This week saw the dice for the first captain of Bigg Boss 10 being thrown. The three contenders to grab this opportunity were Manu, Bani and Swami Om. They had to create separate political parties. The one with majority members would win.  After a successful campaigning, Bani became the first captain on Bigg Boss 10.

Cast of Rock on 2 and Tum Bin 2 on Bigg Boss                        
This week saw the bindaas rock on 2 cast visit the Bigg boss house and have some crazy fun with the Bigg boss 10 housemates. Music and games was totally on the cards.
Tum Bin 2 cast too visited the Bigg Boss house and had an amazing interaction with the contestants. 

All the fun action continues tonight at 9PM on Bigg Boss Weekend ka Vaar!

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